Case Studies

chaiwala biskut

Brand: Bisconni
Client: Ismail Industries Limited
Agency: Manhattan Communications
Category David vs. Goliath
Chai Wala Biskut, was the new kid on the tea-biscuit block dominated by the leader Sooper (33% market share) In spite of big-spending, many brands tried but none could jolt the giant. Ultimately success depended on taking share from the industry leader. We could not win with muscle, so we strategized and differentiated our brand to capture consumer’s share of mind. We took the cultural leadership with the younger generation of tea drinkers leading to switching. The launch was a huge success, we became PKR1.3 billion Brand, gained 6% share, in the launch year. (Target: PKR1billion, share 2%)
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Brand: Vatika
Client: Dabur Pakistan
Agency: BodybeatPR
Category Media Innovation
The shampoo category witnessed an intense price war between the shampoo giants in 2019. The war was so intense, that the category advertising spent went up to PKR2.5bn annually!
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Happiness At Your Doorstep

Brand: IC NOW
Client: Unilever Pakistan
Agency: Team Reactivate
Category E-Commerce
Eating ice cream always made us happy, anywhere and anytime.But during lockdown, consumers were not in the habit of purchasing ice cream online. Hence, instant happiness required an on demand solution. E-commerce before 2020 was close to non existent for us however with the change in consumer habits & emerging trends we saw a perfect situation to fit ice cream in their lives via building moments of ice cream consumption
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HBLPSL Jeet ki Jang

Client: HBL
Agency: Symmetry Group
Category Influencers
By embedding HBLPSL Jeet Ki Jang within influencer content, we garnered positive engagement and millions of views for the branded content platform. We realized that audiences relate to branded content that is presented through an unbranded lens. In this campaign, we picked influencers from three social media platforms and designed a multiple-pronged approached, co-creating content based on their genres and in their unique skins. The result was high traction and organic sharing of social media content, which eventually translated to views and engagement and a massive increase in the YouTube subscriber base.
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Jumbo Junior

Brand: Jumbo Junior
Client: Innovative Biscuits Pvt. Ltd.
Agency: MullenLowe Rauf
Category Snacks & Desserts
A brand that was challenged with a small market share made a place amongst the old players with a unique and relevant message for the leaders of tomorrow. We built upon the insight that children form impactful habits at an early age. We crafted a campaign around the idea; Imagine a Better World with Jumbo Junior and raised the issues and showed solutions regarding deforestation and water conservation amongst children. The brand gained tremendous market share, sales growth while reaching thousands of kids, shaping their habits for the better.
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Brand: Alfalah Remittance Account
Client: Bank Alfalah
Agency: Ogilvy Pakistan
Category Finance
Bank Alfalah efficiently targeted Pakistani remitters in UAE by providing convenient ways to send money to their loved ones back home. We created an emotional bond with our core audience by stirring their nationalism and interacting with them on the ground. The communication architecture included an ATL broadcast campaign while expanding reach to the UAE through TVC and radio media. A BTL initiative further added momentum to the effort.
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Stop Jahezkhori / Stop Dowrymongering

Brand: UN Women
Client: UN Women
Agency: BBDO Pakistan
Category Positive Change: Social Good - Non Profit
To fight against the evil custom of forced dowry, we started a movement by first coining a new phrase which compared dowry demands to haraam activity. We then hijacked a morning show in which a celebrity's "bride" was revealed to be material goods. This launched our campaign symbol as a henna stamp, which thousands of women - and men - wore as a symbol against dowry during the wedding season.
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Humrahi Digital Campaign

Brand: Life Insurance Plans
Client: EFU Life Assurance Ltd.
Agency: MullenLowe Rauf
Category Branded Content
‘Humrahi’ is Pakistan’s first digital insurance content in form of webisodes, catering to an untapped market and changing the perception about life insurance. Conveyed message in a lighter & positive way. Moreover, challenging the traditional way of thinking versus a progressive mindset was the underlying message while breaking stereotypes associated with female’s education, their careers after marriage and women embracing motherhood.The combined promotion generated 8Mn+ views and reached over 15 million audience through Facebook alone.500% leads with cost per lead (CPL) being less than planned.
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The Bridal Uniform

Brand: UN Women
Client: UN Women
Agency: BBDO Pakistan
Category Positive Change: Social - Non - Profit
To raise awareness against child marriages in Pakistan, we created a first-of-its-kind “Bridal Uniform” — one that highlighted the true cost of an early marriage for girls: education. Collaborating with the country’s leading bridalwear designer, we designed a dress which merged a school uniform with traditional embroidery patterns shown by Pakistani brides on their elaborate outfits. We launched the dress by hijacking the country’s largest Bridalwear fashion show. The PR resulted in members of parliament taking notice and the country’s Islamic Council reviewing the previous law to now protect girls.
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What Matters is Inside

Brand: Shell Rimula
Client: Shell Pakistan
Agency: JWT Grey
Category Automotive
A trucker’s livelihood is closely tied to efficient up and down movement on long routes, while complying to safety regulations. Delays very clearly equate to financial loss. Money taking priority on safety is the biggest threat and the behavior that Shell Rimula aims to discourage. The gray imports promoted by illegal reclaimers, selling at low prices make up the biggest challenge in category faced by legal players, making it difficult to sustain preference for quality brands, in 2017/18, Shell Rimula grew its brand preference from 14% to 21%
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ek neki rozana

Brand: Surf excel
Client: Unilever Pakistan
Agency: MullenLowe Rauf
Category Sustained Success - Top Brand
“Genesis of the Surf Ramzan campaign dates back to 2016, when the brand, having cemented itself as the most loved detergent of Pakistan, now looked to elevate its philosophy of ‘Dirt is Good’ to not only defend this market and thought leadership against competition, but also to take its equity to another level. There was a natural association with Islamic values that consumers already saw in Surf Excel, featuring kids pulling off small acts of heroism. Ramzan hence became the perfect occasion to convert brand affinity to unflinching brand love. “
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help a child reach 5

Brand: Lifebuoy
Client: Unilever
Agency: Lowe Lintas
Category Positive Change - Social Good: Brands
Diarrhea is the second leading cause of death among children under five worldwide. It kills more children than malaria, AIDS, and measles combined. Yet most are unaware of this fact and that this tragedy can be easily prevented by the simple act of washing hands with soap. Lifebuoy’s social mission is to make a genuine impact on child deaths from diarrhea and pneumonia by changing the handwashing habits. Lifebuoy’s initiative called ‘Help A Child Reach 5’ proves that soap is a powerful means to save lives.
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small business saturday

Brand: American Express
Client: American Express
Agency: DigitasLBi
Category Sustained Success - Services
Small Business Saturday (SBS) has transformed the way Americans think about local, community businesses. Over the last six years, the day has grown from a social moment into a social movement in the truest sense, generating more than $50 Billion for small businesses nationally on just 6 celebrated days1. It has become an official national day supported by the US President.
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Pie in the sky

Brand: JetBlue Airways
Client: JetBlue Airways
Agency: MullenLowe U.S.
Category Influencers
Dominant on the East Coast, JetBlue was “JetWho?!” on the West Coast. As New York’s Hometown Airline, we decided to fly an iconic taste of our home—authentic New York pizza—across the country to LA. Seeded with LA’s pizza-loving influencers to build buzz, “Pie in the Sky” was the first ever same-day transcontinental pizza delivery service that gave West Coasters unfamiliar with the brand a real taste of the JetBlue experience, leading to increases in “first choice” airline (correlated with market share gain), and earning 923M impressions (worth $4.1M).
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Living wine labels

Brand: Living Wine Labels
Client: Treasury Wine Estates
Agency: J. Walter Thompson
Category Media Innovation
Already faced with tough competition and a declining category, Treasury Wine Estates needed to stand out in a crowded wine aisle brimming with Millennial-focused brands. And with widespread clean store policies, we couldn’t rely on point-of-sale displays or traditional retail channels to reach our audience. The reality of retail was bleak. So we hit refresh – and created Living Wine Labels, an app that uses augmented reality to disrupt the wine aisle and speak directly to shoppers, by transforming our packaging into a platform for brand storytelling.
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times have changed

Client: INCOME
Agency: BBH Asia Pacific OMD
Category Branded Content
Faced with ambitious life insurance growth targets and intensifying competition, Income focused on winning in its biggest customer segment: women. By committing to changing with the times and calling out the industry to do the same, Income earned women’s attention and affinity. Market share shot to a record high in several years.
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What's it gonna take?

Brand: LG Electronics
Client: LG Electronics
Agency: 72andSunny
Category David vs. Goliath
LG is an electronics Goliath, that was forced to embrace its role as David in the US smartphone category. People are so blinded by brand love for Samsung and Apple that they’re on autopilot, never considering switching. We burst the blind brand love bubble by challenging consumers to think for themselves. We took on Goliaths by challenging consumers with a provocative question: WHAT’S IT GONNA TAKE to switch to LG G7 ThinQ.
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field trip to mars

Brand: Lockheed Martin
Client: Lockheed Martin
Agency: McCann New York
Category Media Innovation - new channel creation
In an era of Silicon Valley innovation, Lockheed Martin was seen as an outdated defense contractor. Especially when it came to space, It found itself losing its customers to startup Spacex If Lockheed Martin didn't prove its innovativeness, it risked losing further business to SpaceX. Lockheed Martin set out to shift the conversation away from SpaceX by creating the first ever group virtual reality experience. It shifted the conversation - receiving 180% more mentions in the Mars conversation than SpaceX and 132% more mentions than Musk.
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