Award Categories

Award Categories


There are 28 product and service categories and 13 specialty categories. Entrants can enter into multiple categories to submit their campaigns.
Please ensure that you read the description of the categories before submitting your campaign.


A campaign entered in a product and service category may be submitted in one or more special categories. However, you will need to complete a separate entry form customized , submit or upload a separate set of creative samples and pay the entry fee for the additional category as per the ‘entry fee’ policy under ‘Fees and Payment’ section.


When entering into specialty categories, you should present your entry in a way that addresses the situation or challenge as outlined in the category definition. It should be customized to speak to the specifics of the special category. Judges are often frustrated when an entry clearly wasn’t tailored for the category they are reviewing.

If you are unsure if your case falls under the definition of a certain category or which category it should be entered in, please write a brief synopsis of the case and the questions you have and email them at

reentering past winner work

If your work continued running in this year’s eligibility window and you have results from this eligibility window you may re-enter past winning efforts within the following requirements:

  • 2019 Gold Effie winners can re-enter a category in which they did not win Gold.
  • Past Silver and Bronze Effie winners can re-enter any category
  • Past Gold Sustained Success winner can only re-enter the sustained success category after 3 years.
  • 2019 David vs. Goliath winning brands (Gold/Silver/Bronze) are not eligible to enter the David vs. Goliath this year.

Effie Pakistan reserves the right to re-categorize entries, split/redefine categories and/or refuse entry at any time.

Download a detailed category listing from here.