Creative Show Reel

Creative Show Reel

The communication reel should ONLY showcase the creative execution of the campaign.

Only 1 Creative reel per entry

DO NOT make your show reel an audio-visual presentation of your written case. Judges are required to read the written case first and then view the creative reel just to see the creative execution. Judges are often frustrated when they do not see enough examples of creative executions and see more time spent on re-telling the story told in the entry form.

Showcase complete commercials or marketing efforts except where editing is necessary due to time constraint.

LABEL each creative example by type of media (TV spot, radio spot, etc.)

NO RESULTS and NO CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION to be included in the creative reel. Please note that Effie Pakistan has the right to publish the creative reel publicly, so do not put any kind of confidential information.

Duration: All categories                 3 mins max.
Sustained Success         4 mins max.
Technical Specs: One high quality/resolution 3mins (max. duration) communication reel in .WMV/MP3/MP4/MPEG format. The size should not exceed more than 100MB.
Translation: Non-English executions should be with English sub-titles.

Creative material becomes the property of Effie Pakistan/Effie Worldwide. If you are a winner, the video will be featured in the winner showcase on the website forever and will be used by the Awards Secretariat at their discretion.

Click here to download creative requirements.