What are the Key dates?

OCT 2023
First Deadline
NOV 2023
Second Deadline
NOV 2023
Third Deadline
DEC 2023
Last Deadline
JAN 2024
1st round of jury
FEB 2024
2nd round of jury
MARCH 2024
grand jury
MAY 2024
gala night

How much is the entry fee?

Campaign submission across any category: (Fee per entry in regular or special)

  • First deadline
    25st October 2023
    PKR 115,000 + tax
  • Second deadline
    15th November 2023
    PKR 125,000 + tax
  • Third deadline
    30th November 2023
    PKR 135,000 + tax
  • Final deadline
    07th December 2023
    PKR 150,000 + tax

Single campaign submission in multiple categories: (Subsequent entries)

  • First deadline
    25st October 2023
    PKR 85,000 + tax
  • Second deadline
    15th November 2023
    PKR 95,000 + tax
  • Third deadline
    30th November 2023
    PKR 105,000 + tax
  • Final deadline
    07th December 2023
    PKR 125,000 + tax

Note: For multiple category discount to apply, you may choose the additional categories at the time of making the first entry or you may copy the first entry at a later stage to enter it in additional categories.

How can I Enter?

What Campaigns can enter?

Any or all marketing efforts, whether full campaigns or unique efforts that commercially ran between 1st of July 2018 and 30th June 2019 are eligible to enter.

Who can enter – Clients or Agencies?

Anyone can enter with a campaign. We encourage that clients and agencies should work in tandem to enter the competition.

Can two companies enter the same work?

No. Clients and agencies should jointly make a submission.

Can I submit work that has already won at another award?

If your work continued running in this year’s eligibility window and you have results from this eligibility window you may re-enter past winning efforts within the following requirements:

  • 2019 Gold Effie winners can re-enter a category in which they did not win Gold.
  • Past Silver and Bronze Effie winners can re-enter any category
  • Past Gold Sustained Success winner can only re-enter the sustained success category after 3 years.
  • 2019 David vs. Goliath winning brands (Gold/Silver/Bronze) are not eligible to enter the David vs. Goliath this year.

Can one campaign be submitted in multiple categories?

Yes, Effie Pakistan encourages a single campaign to be entered in multiple categories. You may enter in any one of the product and service category and multiple specialty categories. One campaign can only enter a maximum of 4 categories.

In case of multiple submissions, do I simply clone and submit the case?

No. Please ensure that after cloning you customize your submission, making it relevant to the category it is being submitted. Many cases have been disqualified on this basis.

Do we have to make a separate submission for Grand Effie?

No, you don’t have to make a separate submission. All campaigns entered in Product and Service categories are automatically considered for the award.

What is the difference between Grand Effie and Sustained Success?

In Sustained Success the judges evaluate the product or service communications efforts that have experienced sustained success for 3 or more years. To enter you must be able to provide data about the case in its first year, an interim year and the most current year. The current year’s result must be included. It is not just a single campaign. You have to enter a separate submission to compete in this category.

For Grand Effie, it is restrictive to only one effort. Entrants do not have to specifically make a submission in this category, all the winners of regular categories compete for this award.

What is the difference between Grand Effie and Best Nationally Originated Campaign?

For Grand Effie all efforts, whether local, regional or global can compete. In contrast, in Best Nationally Originated Campaign only local ideas are rewarded.

How does the award programme ensure confidentiality of the written material submitted?

The award programme ensures full confidentiality. These are done through the following steps:

  • All the judges sign an NDA
  • No written material is handed to any of the jury members.
  • Judges with any kind of conflict of interest are not allowed to view the entry forms.

Can I change my entry after the submission has been done?

Entries once submitted cannot be changed.

Does the award secretariat review all the submissions before presenting it to the Jury, so any omissions or deviations that may result in disqualification can be identified and entrants given a chance to correct it?

Due to sheer quantum, the secretariat does not review all the submissions. It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure that all the rules and guidelines have been followed. We encourage all the entrants to thoroughly review the Entry Kit for making a successful submission.

Can I withdraw my submission?

Yes, you may cancel/withdraw your entry before the submission deadline. In case of cancellation/withdrawal, only 50% of the payment will be refunded.

Will my entries be returned to me?

The material submitted as an entry to Effie Pakistan Awards 2020 becomes the property of Effie Pakistan and will not be returned to the entrant.

Who will judge my work?

Your entries are judged by a handpicked panel of experts from all around the world. These include specialists in the field of marketing, advertising, media, marketing research and academia.

What is the scoring criterion?

Strategic Challenge + Objectives 23.33%
Idea 23.33%
Bringing the Idea to Life 23.33%
Results 30.00%
TOTAL 100%

How many winners are going to be there in a category?

There are three awards – Gold, Silver and Bronze. There can be multiple winners in a single category or no winners at all.

Is there a possibility that there is no winner in a category?

Yes. There is a minimum benchmark to qualify each round. There may be a case where the entire category is dropped, as no entry qualifies the minimum benchmark. This can happen at any round of the judging process.

Can my campaign win more than one award?

Yes, if the campaign is entered in multiple categories it may win more than one award.

When will I know if my work is successful for nomination?

  • The result of the Round 1 Jury session will be announced on our website (www.effiepakistan.org) in February 2020.
  • The result of the Final Jury round will be announced on the website with the finalist in each category in March 2020.
  • The winners will be announced at the Effie Awards Gala 2020 on Saturday, April 11th, 2020 in Karachi, Pakistan.

When will the winners be announced?

Winners will be announced at the Effie Awards Gala 2020 to be held on Saturday, April 11th, 2020 in Karachi, Pakistan.

In case of winner, who will receive the trophy?

If your case is a winner, we invite all the partners that have been stated in the credit form to come on stage and receive the award. The trophy can be kept by anyone, however additional trophies can be personalized with an individual’s name and purchased from the Effie Awards Secretariat.

What credit would I get as an agency?

Even if the entry is submitted by the client, we emphasize to credit the agency in our credit term. When the nominees /winners are announced.

  • Agency name is mentioned on all the nominee slide and winner card.
  • Certificate of recognition to the agencies of the nominees
  • Extra customized trophy for the agency on order, in case the client retains the trophy.

What payment methods are accepted and where should I send it?

Pakistan Advertisers Society
Office 403, 4th Floor, Clifton Diamond, Behind Chase up,Block 4, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: +92 (21) 3583 6072-3.
Email: info@effiepakistan.org

What category should I enter?

Review category definitions and past winners in the Case Study Database. If you are unsure if your case falls under the definition of a certain category, or you aren’t sure which category it should be entered in, please email us at info@effiepakistan.org with a brief synopsis of the case, examples of the creative, and the categories you are considering.

What category gets the least number of entries?

Effie does not reveal entry numbers. The number of entries in a category does not significantly affect your chances of winning an award. If a category has more qualifying entries then we can advance in a given year, we will look into ways of splitting a category in order to honor more great work.

Do I need to use a special entry form for my category?

There are two entry forms for the 2020 competition:

  • Main Entry Form
  • Sustained Success Entry Form