Entry Portal

Entry Portal

Entries can only be submitted online. The 2024 Online Entry Portal is available at https://effie-pakistan.acclaimworks.com and will open on September 13th, 2023.

To get an early start on your entry, register yourself immediately after the 13th and familiarize with the requirements and information you need to complete there. You can also download the Sample Entry Form on which you can start working.

Create one log-in account for your company and have multiple entries under that account or you can create a separate log-in account for each entry (one log-in account per email address). Either approach is fine.

You may edit/delete/change your entries at any point until you click submit. Effie Pakistan will only view the submitted entries; hence feel free to work as much as you like to perfect your submission until you click submit.

Key Features of Online Portal:

  • Once you have completed an entry, you have an option of cloning an entry, in case you wish to submit the entry into multiple specialty categories. The form can then be customized as per the category specifics.
  • System generated invoice. Once the entry is submitted, you can self-generate the invoice as per the entries that you are submitting for processing payment. The invoice can only be generated once the entry is complete.
  • You will only have access to your online entry via the user account under which it was created.
  • You can also save/print a pdf. version at any time.

For any queries at any stage, please feel free to contact Effie Pakistan Secretariat at info@effiepakistan.org.