In One Sentence: Best advice you can offer marketers today

In One Sentence:
what is the best advice you can offer marketers today?

In One Sentence: Best advice you can offer marketers today
Nida Haider, Managing Partner, IAL Saatchi & Saatchi
Don’t get too distracted by all the fancy technologies and digital touchpoints— simply focus on building beautiful stories around strong consumer insights and you will always deliver results
Farhan Khan, COO, Starcom
A campaign has a far more impact that relies on data and technology along with human touch that can really resonate and connect with people and leave a lasting impression.
Farheen Salman, Board Director Foods & Refreshment, Unilever Pakistan
Always land brands with their cores built on “purpose” because the world is changing and people respond not to creative executions but “purposeful” brand actions
Eric Fulwiler, Executive Director, VaynerMedia London
November 19, 2018
Stop marketing like it’s 2009 - it’s 2019 and a new media landscape requires a new marketing model.

Eric Fulwiler served on the Final Round Jury for the 2018 Effie Awards UKcompetition.

Keith Weed, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Unilever
October 29, 2018
Live the space – get out there and understand what a global marketplace connected by technology looks and feels like.
We would never ask a marketer who has only ever heard a radio to make a TV ad…

Keith Weed is a member of the Effie Worldwide Board of Directors

Dmitry Myskov, Creative Director, Promo Interactive
September 3, 2018
A modern marketer could sometimes feel [like] a kid in a candy store, because of all the technological assets, touchpoints and services around him; but a great marketer should only keep in mind his consumers, their tensions and problems, and ask himself the key question: how could modern technology help me win the hearts of my consumers?

Dmitry Myskov served as a jury member for the 2018 Effie Awards Russia competition. More from Effie Awards Russia.

Maria Gurova, Director, Head of Content & Franchise Management, The Walt Disney Company (Russia & CIS)
August 13, 2018
There are two things I would advise: Love your consumer and tell them a story that they will believe and aspire to; also, be curious & brave, because the best solutions come from outside of your industry.

Maria Gurova served as a jury member for the 2018 Effie Awards Russiacompetition. More from Effie Awards Russia.