Credits & the Effie Index


Effie Pakistan recognizes the effective teamwork needed to create an effective work and therefore all partners and individuals integral to the case deserve recognition at time of win.


  • Client companies: 2 client companies, 1 is required.
  • Lead agency/s: 2 lead agencies, 1 is required.
    If there are two (2) Lead Agencies, they will be regarded as a co-lead agency on the work and given equal recognition by Effie Pakistan. In order to be considered a second lead agency, you must certify that the work done by each agency was of equal weighting and each agency deserves equal recognition. Second Lead Agencies must be designated at time of entry – you may not add or remove second lead agencies after the entry period.
  • Contributing companies: Up to 4 contributing companies, if any, therefore optional.


Entrant may credit up to ten individuals (max.) from any of the credited companies who were integral to the success of the case.


  • The Client, Lead Agency and Additional Lead Agency (if applicable) are considered final at the time of entry and cannot be removed or added after the entry is finalized and accepted by Effie Worldwide.
  • Additional contributing company credits and individual credits can be added after the entry is finalized only if the entry did not already credit the maximum number of contributing companies and individuals permitted. Credit additions and amendments after time of entry require a Rs. 50,000 + tax per change and are not guaranteed. No credit edits/additions are permitted after 10th January 2024.
  • All credit requests will be reviewed and accepted at the discretion of Effie Pakistan and are not guaranteed.


Effie Pakistan will use the credits submitted at the time of entry to tabulate the yearly rankings that will become part of the Effie Effectiveness Index, the global ranking of marketing effectiveness. Rankings include: Marketers, Brand, Agency, Independent Agency, Network and Holding Company.

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Click here to download the credit policy and the template credit form.